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In 2014 Riedon van den Berg (The Netherlands) started creating a duet ‘Remember when...’. after having been showing this creations in several countries troughout Europe, he decided to set up his own group too create new performances and events. Skandalisi Dance was created for several freelance artists to work together. 

Since 2016 Skandalisi Dance shifted its focus on events worldwide and started to have activities in Russia and Europe. From that moment it became clear that Skandalisi Dance worked as a World Wide Platform. Two years later International Master Course became a side organisation to support and develop Russian dancers by bringing international teachers to Russia. from 2019 on Skandalisi Dance has been established a connection with Nómada Proyecto Escénico & Hekatômbe Producción Artística to extend their work oversea.

Now a day, Skandalisi Dance organises and participates in Performances, workshops, School projects and other events.

Skandalisi Dance created pieces that performed in different festivals such as: Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea (MEX), ITS Festival (NL), Festival De Oversteek (NL), Beta Publica (ES), Imaginarius (PT) and 

I.D. Night (UK).

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Riedon van den Berg

Director Skandalisi Dance

Choreographer, Dancer , Teacher


Maria Sokolova

Director International Master Course

Choreographer, Dancer , Teacher 


Loris Casalino


Teacher Childern projects

Jaapdejonge Photography.png

Davide Calabrese


Teacher Childern projects

Performances & Events

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Dance Competition Ufa/Russia
Schoolproject Woerden
Schoolproject Woerden
Dance Competition Tyumen/Russia
Dance Competition Sovetskie/Russia
Dance Competition Sovetskie/Russia
International Master Course
International Master Course
Performance 1986 - Delft Fringe Festival
Performance 1986 - Delft Fringe Festival
Performance 1986 - Delft Fringe Festival
Performance 1986 - Delft Fringe Festival
Summer Intensive by Provincial Dances Theatre
NEW Performance - Festival De Oversteek
No upcoming performances


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