Loris Daniel Casalino

Dancer and Teacher for School Projects

Loris Casalino was born in Pescara (Italy) on the 24th of October 1991.

He started his dance studies when he was not even five years old in a private school in his home town. Here he studied ballet and contemporary technique.

In 2005 he got accepted at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza di Roma, where he followed the studies until 2012; thanks also to a scholarship he got. Here he could improve his ballet technique and get in contact with new disciplines.

Before to start the last year of Academy, he had a dangerous road accident that forced him to take one year of break from his dance studies.

Once he graduated from the Academy, he decided to move to The Netherlands to go deeper into the studies of contemporary dance. He went to the ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten in Arnhem, for which studies he obtained a scholarship by the ARDT foundation. Here he had the possibility to work with important teachers and choreographers such as Philip Taylor, Aryeh Weiner, Itamar Serussi, Maurice Causey and Jasper Van Luijk.

Always pushed by his continuous curiosity and desire to learn, he dedicate lot of his time improvising movements and questioning himself as a dancer and human being.

During his 4th year of studying he was a stagier for David Middendorp, Project Sally, Edan Gorlicki and Marjolein Vogels.

Once he graduated from ArtEZ (July 2016), he got different contracts.

He is currently freelancing in the Netherlands, meanwhile working in Nationale Opera and Ballet in Amsterdam.

Loris Daniel Casalino joined Skandalisi Dance in 2017.

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