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As artistic team Skandalisi Dance we have been building a new educational project ‘International Master Course’. During this programme we try to contribute to the city’s development and its art society. We would like to provide the small cities of Russia with possibilities to grow in the field of art and dance: new teachers, choreographers and dancers coming to share their experience with the dancers of the city. We plan to invite international certified dance teachers. Our main focus lies on contemporary dance techniques that were not represented in the cities of Russia before. We plan it to become a long-term international project.


Skandalisi Dance believes that its very important to give dancers from different cities of Russia an opportunity to develop their professional skills. We got to know that it can be extremely expensive and difficult to travel to Moscow, Saint-Petersburg or abroad to attend workshops they were always dreaming about. With bringing the teachers to other cities such as e.g. Yekaterinburg we try to give this chance to people who are fond of dancing in different regions.

Milan Tomášik - Happy Feet & Playful Presence


February 2020




February 2020



• 5 hours of dance 

• Place:  Will be announced later

• Time:   Will be announced later

15.02 Saturday 

 16.02 Sunday    

Milan Tomášik, born in Slovakia in 1981. He studied dance at the Conservatory J. L. Bellu in Banská Bystrica and at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. In 2004, he graduated from P.A.R.T.S, the international dance school in Brussels directed by Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker. In 2001, he participated in Vienna’s ImpulsTanz festival with a Dance Webscholarship and went on tour with the Dutch company MAPA (Moving Academy for Performing Art). In 2004, he received the Prize of the City Prievidza (Slovakia) for representing contemporary dance at home and abroad. For the solo dance performance Off-beat, he received special mention for “musical research and the expressive strength of choreographic language” at Cortoindanza festival in Cagliari, Italy ( 2015).


Мастер-класс by Ido Gidron (Израиль) 
Gaga и Репертуар. Классы пройдут 14-15 декабря 2019 в Екатеринбурге. 

Ido Gidron - исполнитель и хореограф. Сертифицированный педагог Gaga. 
Окончил Академию музыки и танца в Иерусалиме. Работал, как исполнитель в Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company II и Batsheva Ensemble. Был приглашённым танцовщиком в Национальном Балете Норвегии в Осло. Сотрудничал с такими хореографами, как Ohad Naharin, Sharon Eyal, Danielle Agami, Idan Sharabi, Maya Michlal Gelfand, Avichai Haham и Sharon Vazanna. Как приглашенный педагог работал в The Gothenburg Opera в Швеции и Ci Tula Limanios в Берлине. Он также преподает свой собственный репертуар по всему миру. Его постановка ‘Dualism’ получила многочисленные награды, была представлена в Берлине, Копенгагене, Роттердаме и Канарских островах. 

Ido впервые посетит Россию и приедет сразу к нам в Екатеринбург поделиться уникальным опытом и материалом. 


December 2019 Yekaterinburg


This event was supported by:

Nina Funk (NL/DE)- Countertechnique


February 2019 Yekaterinburg


 • 5 hours of dance
 • Place: Modern Dance Center - Mamina Sibiryaka Street, 101, office 1.06
 • Time:
              16.02 Saturday  17:00-18:30 
              15 min. break
              17.02 Sunday 10:00-12:00
 • Nina Funk graduated from ArtEZ Dance Academy in The Netherlands and from Laban School in London.

 • She took different training programs, with for example Batsheva Dance Company, Hofesh Shechter Company and Anouk van Dijk (Chunky Move Company). 
 • Nina Funk is one of the 32 certified countertechnique  teachers in the world, who has the rights to teach this technique. 

 • Nina herself tells about her classes the following:  'In my class I will invite everyone in a healthy and open way to develop towards a higher and more conscious level. I'll give a guideline to build up an awareness of a strong body, while playing with different dynamics and free ranges of movement that result in a challenging and joyful training.'
 • 'Gaga classes from the Batsheva Dance Company, trainings from the Hofesh Shechter Company and the Countertechnique ideas from Anouk van Dijk built my dance vision and inspired me to create my own movement language: “Space and Flow”. Furthermore, I became a certified teacher of Countertechnique.' - Nina says about building her teacher experience.
• Places where Nina was teaching and giving workshops:
–   ArtEZ Dance Academy Arnhem (teacher department, dance department)
–   MBO RijnIJssel/ Studio 26 Arnhem (Artiest Urban / Show All Round / FastTrack)
–   Balletstudio Marieke van der Heijden Amsterdam
–   Studio AnnaMora Amsterdam 
–   DBfT Germany
–   Tanzschule Heidi Sievert, Münster
–   Duende, Leeuwarden

 • Number of the applicants is limited.
 • There is a system of special discounts and an 'early registration' discount

This event was supported by:

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