Riedon van den berg

Artistic Director

Riedon van den Berg (Netherlands) is a graduate of the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem (Netherlands). The founder of Skandalisi Dance.  As a choreographer and teacher he worked in Russia, Italy, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Mexico. Danced and Collaborated with Rezgui Company (Netherlands), Norrdans (Sweden), WArd / waRD - Ann van den Broek (Netherlands/Belgium) and Theater "Provincial Dance" (Russia)


In his work, special attention is paid to challenges and experiments, concentrating not only on the result, but also on the process. Stylistics of choreography focuses on tension, energy and the use of these concepts as the basic principles of dance. 


He is using strong physical movement in combination with fragile content. Partner-skills and technical dance technic are very important for him.

In the past Riedon have practiced Latin / Ballroom dancing and participated in national and international competitions and became Dutch Champion in his category. This makes him unique in using this experience back in contemporary skills.

Choreographer, Dancer and Teacher

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