Remember when...


Year: 2015


Riedon van den Berg

Chiara Ferraglia


Artium Carceri

Light design:

Bram Allard

Special Thanks:

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts


“Remember when…” is a duet created and based on power and tension.

It is a constant exchange of roles that dominates power and attraction of forces. The atmosphere is build from the relation of the two dancers on stage. Trust, tension, precision and atmosphere. A movement dialogue that leads to an extreme internal emotion.

Working together we found a common movement language. We used the touch as a strong element and we transform and translate the touch in different ways such as grabbing, lifting, pulling and just a simple touch, a critical report in which dominates the risk. 

A continuous exchange and role play in which both interpreted the two roles, the kidnapper and the victim.We have also decided to focus our attention to the fact that we did not want to have a clear-cut distinction of sexes, this means that the strength and power of both were on the same footing.

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