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DANCE SCRIPTION by Provincial Dance Theatre.

Provincial Dances Theatre in Yekaterinburg/Russia is holding twice a year a dance intensive course. Since 2016 members from Skandalisi Dance have been involved in this events. Riedon van den Berg, Maria Sokolova and Sebastian Santamaria have Provided classes and assistans in Dance Scription by teaching several courses such as floorwork, physical theatre, partnering, composition and Labaratorium for adults and children besides that the have been created several video projects and presented some children creations.

3-7 January 2020 Winter Dance Scription

7-9 August 2019 The Dance Project Intensive

17-28 June 2019 Ural Children Summer camp

10-22 June 2019 Summer Dance Scription

3-7 January 2019 Winter Dance Scription

11-16 June 2018 Summer Dance Scription

3-7 January 2018 Winter Dance Scription
26 June till 8 July  2017 Summer Dance Scription

24-28 October 2016 Winter Dance Sription










Children classes, Photo Dance Project

Contemporary Technique and repertoire 

Contemporary Technique for children

Floorwork, Labaratorium, Technique, Children classes & Composition

Floorwork-Partnering, Children classes, Videodance work & Composit​ion

Physical Theatre & Lecture, Children classes & Composition

Floorwork, Children classes, Composition, Videodance work
Partnering Classes, Company classes

Floorwork, Company classes, Children classes & Composition

Dance scription

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