If I Ever Leave This Life Alive


Year: 2019

Riedon van den Berg

in collaboration with:

Loris Casalino, Andrea Garay, Catalina Navarrete, Sebastián Santamaría and Maria Sokolova.


Jail Less

Diego Gallardo

Erick Mejia


Alejandra Chávez Ruiz

Collaboration Projects with:

Nómada Proyecto Escénico


Hekatômbe Producción Astistica

Special thanks: Festival De Oversteek, UDLAB Puebla/Mexico & The Dance Project Mexico-City


This title has a double meaning. First of all, its just impossible to live forever in this world. Secondly, when you hear this title without focusing on spelling, you start doubting whether it is about LIVING or LEAVING your life alive. It lets this title expand the whole idea of the piece to different directions. We can talk about the very rare ability to live the life fully, involved, enjoying every moment of it, using it to maximum and feeling yourself alive every second of this exciting journey. At the same moment, we can talk about the imaginary chance to LEAVE this life alive, to explore and research the possibility to do that.

Every person has its own fantasies about the perfect way of living his life. In these dreams we can go to extremes in everything, we can make things which are not allowed in real life, we can achieve all our goals without any difficulties. It becomes a certain chance to escape your life. Very often we can have a strong desire to leave this world for the world of our ideal fantasies. But in reality many factors can stop us. We have to overcome many serious obstacles to at least get closer to the ideal image of it. As a result, we create boundaries around our comfort zone and make it even more complicated to leave it.

All mentioned above can lead us to another curious point to explore. For example, it is said that when people lie a lot about everything they gradually start believing in their own lies. This phenomenon can also happen with the feeling of huge and limitless happiness. This world of fantasies guide us to the world of Euphoria. What does it mean for us? This term is not a medical condition and is in fact one of the most pleasurable aspects of being human. Sexual satisfaction, exciting life events, achievement, and love can all provoke feelings of euphoria. Exercise also causes feelings of euphoria when the body depletes its glycogen stores and then releases endorphins. However, it is all explained in medical terms, still the phenomenon of euphoria remains not so clear for an ordinary person. That makes it very interesting for us to explore it during the creation.

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