As long as it takes


Year: 2016

Provincial Dances Theatre

Yekaterinburg / Russia

Season 2016 / 2017 / 2018


Riedon van den Berg

Chiara Ferraglia


Enrico Meijer - EM Productions


Serguei Teplov



Egor Kas

Hairstylist & Make-Up:

Sveta Ligun

Lena Bart

Lisa Poluektova. 

Special thanks 

Альтернатива & Authentica club


“As long as it takes” is a piece created for the company “Provincial Dances Theatre” in Russia. The music is by the composer and musician Enrico Meijer. The piece performed in different theaters and locations of Yeakaterinburg, Russia.

Do you know that feeling right before you let yourself fall backwards? You know there's someone behind you, but can you ever really be sure he will catch you?
‘As long as it takes’ is a piece that is talking about the path of life.  Joy, pleasure,  mistakes, failures, sadness, pain and recovery are the different steps we take during a lifetime.  Thousands of emotions are running through our body, emotions we should not ignore, emotions we shouldn’t switch of. This performance will bring the dancers and the audience in to a 30 minutes trip.   


Falling jacket from her shoulders, a signal to start the game.  Dancers with gambling-happy eyes keenly watching the movements of the invisible ball. Someone feels the ball rolling inside the body, the other one feels the invisible ball more external and catch the ball with the head, the third one passes the ball. Traffic speeds up the game and the game is …?

It’s becoming more aggressive. The trip is getting overloaded and exhausting. One after the other one starts to give up and slowly they are unable to move. A moment of silence, empty body’s and a overwhelmed atmosphere. Back to reality, to overcome internal scarfs, to begin to live as before. Some are stronger than others. Two choices: continue to live or decide to stop living, which choice do you make…?

The wood is still burning, there is still light at the end of the tunnel, slowly the power comes back and the body is getting stronger and stronger. It’s time to get back on your own legs and to walk by yourself. This was not an easy journey but this is not the end.

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